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Bamboo shoot (flower vase)   2005
bronze / mane mold
h 260 × w 120 × d 120 mm
This is a flower vase molded into a bamboo shoot shape.
It was my first metal-casted piece.
The material is sand, and this technique of sand molding is called 'Manegata'. I experimented with different sand and created a unique mixture for the mold by straining and combining several different grains of sand.
The texture of the surface is created by a technique called 'Misoyaki' which creates a matte finish to the bronze surface evenly by burning sulfur grains. It took me approximately 2 months to finish this work.
As time goes by, the surface will oxidize in parts and will eventually be covered by aerugo which would bring depth to this vase. Thus, visualising how this piece would look in 100 years is very exciting.